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Simplified VOIP Howto
Get your webcam and sound card working on your PC first
Make sure your can hear sound on your speakers
Make sure your can talk into the microphone
( record a sound file and play it back )

How do you call them ??
you can send to their netmeeting account
you can call their voip phone number and voicemail systems
you can call their regular phone number

Configure netmeeting and/or gnomemeeting
you need to get their email address tied to *meeting
FREE video conferencing – no privacy – not secure –

VOIP phone calls are FREE as long as you have
your own gateway and voip softphone or voip phone

Install some VOIP software ( soft phone )
Call somebody that has a working voip handset or voip system

Get a VOIP Handset -and- you might also need a VOIP Gateway

Try to call someone on their regular phone line
they will need a voip Telco and Gateway to receive your voip call
You save on their international phone calls

Try to receive a VOIP call on your regular phone line
You should have your own VOIP Gateway to your regular phone
They save on their international phone calls

VOIP Requirements
To Make a VOIP Phone call, you will need either
PC with VOIP software ( soft phone )
— or —
a VOIP handset

VOIP Gateways are needed when you use regular phones

PC-Based VOIP System
This is sometimes called a VOIP Soft Phone

VOIP software on your PC

System uses your computer’s sound card
You’d need to use a microphone to talk
You’d need a speaker or headphone to hear the other side

VOIP Handset System
A VOIP Handset has everything you need
But it might require a VOIP Gateway

Regular Phone
If you use a regular phone, you need to find a local VOIP Telco in your neighborhood and probably pay their membership and service fees which allows you access to their VOIP Gateway

You should buy or build your own VOIP Gateway